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Major: Audio Engineering

I love music. There is no universally pervasive form of expression better than music, and at the heart of that is sound. I've played musical instruments since I was a toddler, I began with Piano then went on to Guitar. In high school I discovered the instrument with which I resonate the most, Electric Bass. I've played Bass for 10 years, studied Jazz Bass under Baba Elefante for 2 years, currently study Jazz Guitar technique with Jesse Marseille and during the journey came to understand my passion surrounding music. At the heart of that passion is a fascination with sound.

I studied Psychology at Chapman University in Orange, California where I presented research in Music Pscyhology during one of my senior year seminars. I had the privilege of studying Music Technology with Grammy Nominated Pianist Aron Kallay. It was his classes that introduced me to the science of Audio Engineering through the practice of Synthesis, Sound Design, Scoring, Max/MSP, and many other concepts that are fundamental to Contemporary Music, and the growing world of Electronic Music. In fact, the Chapman MIDI labs are where the members of Los Angeles Beat Collective "Team Supreme" originally conceived the first ideas for their successful following. It is there that I too realized my skills in music could be turned into a career.


Baba Elefante is located in the Inland Empire and gives lessons over Skype if you aren't: http://www.babaelefante.com/

Jesse Marseille gives lessons over Skype if you are not located in the Bay Area, CA: http://www.cascademelody.com/#!our-teachers/c1yws

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