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Chapter 3 Blog: Digital Audio Posted on 2015-10-01 by Brandon Davidge

Chapter 3 was definely more vast then the first two chapters. From learning the begining era's of audio recoridng, all up to the most advance technology in todays date. Mainly my goal for this chapter was really understanding how recording actually works, and how the digital audio equipments interprets the sound through the microphone, and from then how it is converted to digital. Ultimately i still need to do some work on getting to know every aspect however i did learn the essentials and requirements of the chapter. My in class session basically got more in depth when it comes to recording vocals/instruments and how live recording can be so amazingly edited by engineers. Im very anxious to use pro tools and I unfortunately have to wait to do so as the school says it is protocall as far as the time of getting it. However besides using protools i was able to ask questions about microphones and compressors and the importance of them. Overall it was a vastly informing week.

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