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Oliver Furnival

Chapter 14 ThoughtsPosted by Oliver Furnival on 2013-12-05

This chapter was all about dynamics; what compressors / limiters, expanders, and gates do. I learned quite a bit about what things I can do with gates, and different kinds of compression to fix a lot of problems that I frequently have with making my own music... Read More >>

Oliver Furnival

Chapter 1 ThoughtsPosted by Oliver Furnival on 2013-09-04

The first chapter, "Sound and Hearing" is a compilation of basic but important knowledge. I learned some technical names for important information such as "Masking" and "Audio Beats", which are a couple of the many important topics, but am more excited for the latter lessons such as: "Plug-ins and processing", "Mix Theory", "Acoustics and Monitoring" and "Mastering"... Read More >>