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Week 2 Posted on 2016-11-14 by Hannah Thomas

In my second week at the studio we began by reviewing the second chapter, Basic Electronics.  After reading the chapter I was quite confident in my knowledge over the material, but when reviewing with Jeff he covered an entirely new depth of information and explained the material on a much deeper level.  Jeff went into bit depth and sample rate and how important it is for audio engineers to understand these areas.  After reviewing the chapter for an hour, Jeff and I went into the studio area and began going over signal flow.  He kept saying, "Signal flow, signal flow, signal flow. Signal flow is 80% of being an audio engineer."  There are so many different areas the signal has to flow to and from in order to keep the appropriate flow.  Overall, it was a well spent day.  I can't believe all the information I'm learing!  It really is mind-blowing how detailed this profession is!

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