Debbie-Ann Lindo-PetersonWashington Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

     My name is Debbie-Ann and I'm a retired disabled veteran.  I have an invisible illness, which I plan to make work to my advantage.  I was born in Kingston Jamaica, but raised in Delray Beach Florida.  I'm an only child.  I have a very creative mind and I'm ready to put it to good use.    


     I love music!  I don't just love music like the average person loves music.  I become one with the music.  I'm an empath, so I adapt to whatever it is that I'm listening to.  I love that music has the power to bring people together.  It changes your mood, or puts you in one.


     I feel so blessed to have discovered the Recording Connection.  I'm so grateful that they are giving me this oppertunity of a lifetime!  I instantly hit it off with my mentor Maurice Melvin and I can not wait to start this journey with him.  I'm like a sponge ready to soak everything in.


     I have no previous music experience.  I did however dance tap, jazz, and ballet for six years.  I learn quickly when I'm passionate about the subject.  I want to become a music maven!


     I'm excited about my major in audio engineering because I'll be able to be a part of the creative process of music without knowing how to play an instrument or sing. Eventually I would like to get into music production.  I'm looking forward to being behind the scenes and helping others shine!


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