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Major: Audio Engineer/Producer/Making Beats/Live sound and mix/mastering

Well Hi there music lovers and thank you for stopping by and checking my profile out. I have had a passion for music as far back as being a baby,my parents say. I'm not going to leave a long detaliled Bio of myself,all that's just not important. The story that lead me to the Recording connection was when I moved back here from FL and as usual I had my headphones in listening to music when all the sudden it hit me why not study and work in the music business and that is when I started looking things up on the Web and all the sudden I see Audio Engineering and I saw Radio,Recording and Film connection. It did take some time to start waiting on my laptop and the curriclum from the school. When in Febuary 2015 my 13 year old son passed away from a rare genetic disorder. As I was lying around depressed and grieveing everything from the school started to come and my laptop came. One day I heard a little voice say Get out of this bed and start doing what you commited yourself to do,that's what he would want,he wouldn't want to see you like this...DO THIS TO KEEP YOUR SON'S MEMORY ALIVE. It has been a struggle but I am finally right at the end,four more chapters and then the final and a mix to turn in. Thanks for reading a little bit about myself. I look forward to see where this business is going to take me. I wish you all the best and you never know we could end up working together on a project or working somewhere like in the studio. 

Keeping music alive....Candice

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