Anchoring a greater metro area of nearly 2 million people, the bustling city of Charlotte, NC is home to a thriving and active music scene, with many local and touring acts playing gigs in smaller local venues like The Double Door Inn and The Evening Muse, and in mid-size and larger facilities like the Visulite Theatre and the Tremont Music Hall. While many genres of music are represented here, R&B, blues, Americana/folk and alt-rock all have a solid presence in Charlotte.

The individuals featured on this page are all professional audio engineers and/or music producers who received a world-class education from the Recording Connection Audio Institute, having been trained in some of Charlotte's finest recording studios by top-shelf producers and engineers. Please visit their professional websites if you are looking for professional audio and recording services in the Charlotte, NC area, if you're looking for new musical talent, or if you are interested in the benefits of attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute yourself. For more information about Recording Connection, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Charlotte Recording Connection Students

Selah Konur

PatchbaysPosted by Selah Konur on 2018-07-09

Patchbays have been such a mystery to me prior to taking this BAE course provided by RRFC with my mentor Daniel at Maximus Music Records here in Charlotte NC... Read More >>