David RiveraChicago Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering/Music Production

Chicago Native David Rivera, Born and raised in the city of Chicago in the Wickerpark Neighborhood. I always knew that there were bigger and better things in life for me, I never wanted to be the regular 9-5'er. I wanted success, I wanted to be the best at whatever was meant for me. After long years of soul searching I found that my love for music since a child was always there with me so I decided to look into that and see where my love for music would take me. After years it has lead me to Recording Connection it was a door waiting for me to open full of opportunity and a bigger and brighter future. Now success doesnt happen over night of course but with hard work, determination and more hard work anything can be achieved in life all your dreams can come full circle. Recording Connection has given me just that and now I'm apprenticing / studying under the talents of a great producer. Where this road will take me I dont quite know but I definitely plan to find out and keep moving forward toward  that DREAM. 

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