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Major: Audio Engineering

Hi, I'm Isaac! I was born and raised in Chicago being the youngest of three and have been immersed in music since age 5 where I grew up in a church choir. You could say my musical gift was inherited from my mother who was and still is a soloist in a church choir. As quiet as I was, I looked toward music to give me a voice and an identity. I started writing lyrics around 12 while keeping the rhythm of each song in my head. It wasn't until I was 20 that I actually got the opportunity to record to music and finally have a finished product that was more than just pen and paper. Not long after, I started getting some recording equipment together piece by piece and learning how to do recordings on my own for not only myself but for my cousins who I also did music with. They've mentioned before, along with my mother, about my being a music producer/engineer but I always shrugged it off beacuse I didn't see myself doing that at the time. But now I do which is why I'm here taking the necessary steps in allowing my gift to make room for me.

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Isaac Patton

Week 19: MasteringPosted by Isaac Patton on 2015-09-17

This was the lesson that finally demystified what it means to master a sesion and I'm so glad to have that clear uderstanding because for so long I though mixing and mastering was one in the same... Read More >>