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Just did my first quiz. Pleased to say I got an A grade. Only the begining, but a good start none the less. Along with the textbook study for this course I have been reading a book my mentor Murry, (Scratch and Bite Stiudios, Coffs Harbour) has loaned me called Live Sound Mixing by Duncan R Fry. Although it is on live sound, I would suggest anyone doing this course get a copy. I am reading the third edition, there is now a fourth edition. Under supervision, I am confident I would be able to correctly mic up a drum kit. All from a book! Thank you so much Murry, it's a must have! ( it has so much more than how to mic up drum kits).

For some live sound experience, Murry has invited me to sit in on a gig he will be doing sound for, HEATHER ROSE AND THE JAZZ KATZ. Nov 22, Bellingen Golf Club. Super excited!

As you may have already gathered, I am a novice at the whole social media thing, so still have to sort out Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams and all that stuff. But with the help of my eighteen year old tech savy daughter hopefully it will all be on track soon.

In studio, Murry and I have been covering chapter one info. Next week, after revision, we move onto chapter two. Looking foward to it.


Ok, time to hit chapter two!

Cheers for now 

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