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Time to give thanks. Posted on 2015-04-15 by Marilyn Allen I've been a bit slack on the blogs. The second half of this course has had all my attention. Working on the last mix assignment for the course. It's going a whole lot better than the first one. As has been told to us throughout this course..."The more you use Pro tools, the better you will become and the easier it will be to use it". It is sooo true. My first assignment took me weeks. This one...about one week! As the end is drawing near, I'd like to take this opportunity to show my gratitude and thanks to my mentor, Murry Graham, Scratch And Bite Studios, Coffs Harbour. 

The first time I walked into Murry's studio I knew nothing at all ( I thought I did ) of recording and engineering. Not the difference between a dynamic and condenser microphone, how to mic up an amp...let alone a drum kit. And don't get me started on session set up or track order. 

Over the last six months Murry has taken a "wanna be" audio engineer, and turned her into a "gonna be" audio engineer. With a whole lot a patience Murry has shared his thorough knowledge and capabilities with me. He has often gone beyond what was required, until I understood what he was teaching me. 

Taking this opportunity I would like to say...Thankyou Murry, for your time and knowledge. For your sense of humour, for your genlte nudging for me to do public performances, for your introductions to future collaborations, for your understanding of my other life commitments ( children ), for pushing me past my comfort zone and challenging me, and for your confidence in me to become an audio engineer. I am very grateful to have had you for a teacher, and even more so to have gained a friend. Cheers to you Murry. 

To the RRFC....Befor begining this course I did a lot of research in the area of audio engineering. Had I not found the RRFC I would probably still be where I was six months ago. I am a "learn by doing" sort of girl, and I coud not imagine a better way to learn what I have than the way it is offered through this program. I highly recommend this program to any one wishing to persue a career in audio engineering. Thankyou to the RRFC.

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