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Chapter 16 Posted on 2015-03-31 by Marilyn Allen

Haven't done a blog for a bit. Been a bit slack. Only on the blog side of attention has been on my work. Murry ( my mentor ) is pushing me a lot harder since midterm. Constantly taking me out of my comfort zone ( and I'm loving every minute of it ). Along with Pro Tools, I am learning Cubase...which is what Murry runs. Recently I had the opportunity to meet and work with Solomon Childs...USA/ Wu Tang Clan, and a bunch of local up and coming hip hop artist, which has fosterd a new found appreciation for hip hop. My time in the studio consists of our weekly lesson, then on to sound room setup, iso booth setup, micing drums, room EQ, band rehearsal EQ, jamming with my mentor Murry, maintanence on studio equiptment, and very to handle the business side of a studio. Down time in the studio...I practice playing my Bass guitar. 

Chapter 16. I have completed and submitted my Mix Assignment, and have had great fun woring on my MIDI Assignment....MIDI I have never used befor. It is prooving to be qiute friendly towards me....thankfully.  

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