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An Evansville, IN man working to save to world 3 minutes at a time with my music. I play 5 instruments and I\'ve played in many metal bands since my freshman year of high school. Yes, I do have other side hobbies and side talents that I like to work every once in a while but music has always been my world that I grown in everyday from researching bands, to finding new bands and artist, to gain new knowlage about music, to making my own. I\'m always looking for a way to grow to be better at music all around and understanding how it works, how the behind to scenes are done and connect with peaople that are trying to grow in their own music life. I always wanted to know how recording and sound engineering is done. So, I went with my gut and worked many long hours and a couple years to get the money for this education and decided to learn what its all about. Now, I\'m not completely shure (pun) if this is what I would want to do because I\'ve always been on the musicians side in the studio and I love that side but, to be the one recording a band is what I will soon find out. Overall I\'m learning about music and that\'s my ultimate goal.   


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