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New Band: Drums and guitar Posted on 2017-07-17 by Jesse Greene

A new band came it today called Farrington and I noticed them because they've been in the scene when I was playing in my band a few years ago. So, it was good to see familiar faces. Tony and I set up the drum in the room and he had me set up some mics. I'm not sure what every mic was we set up but we had two cm217 as over heads, 56 on each tom and the snare with a 57 on top and a audix om2 under the snare, a audix D-6 in front of the kick and a 56 on batter side of the kick and I believe a R-80 ribbon mic for the drum room and then we crossed 2 v250 in the another room beside the drum room. Tony and I got the tape measure out and measured the distance of the over heads and it worked out great. Andrew the drummer did a great job getting the tracks done. It's going to be a 6 track EP.  Also Elijah did some guitar tracking. I let him use my personal 6505+ head. He used a Schecter as his guitar. I told him I wish I brought my ECP EC-1000 to track with. He said he would have loved that but he was ok with the Schecter because I didn't have time to run back to my apartment to go get the guitar. We used 2 Randall cabs to the 6505+. We had a pretty cool mic set up on the cabs. on the left guitar we used a 57 and a 56. the room mic was v250. Guitar right had 3 close mics. A sm7b a 56 and a ribbon r-80 and then the same 250 as a room mic. 

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