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mix mix mix Posted on 2017-06-16 by Jesse Greene

So, a lot of editing has been getting done these past few weeks. Now, Tony is starting to mix a lot. He showed me a plug in that he has that will allow him to hear the song in mono and some other things that I don't fully understand that the plug in can do. He explained on how some of the songs plug ins arn't the same for every instrument for every song due to the feel of it. Sometimes he needs a very clicky kick and some songs not so clicky. Some he needed the bass to come out more than some other songs. He also showed me some animation skills too. The drummer of the band that he is recording now (The Jangle Sheep) plays drums too soft in general for the recording. So, especially on the fills Tony has had to turn the volume up on them and it adds a lot more to the song and special moments like that really make the song that much better. 

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