If you are at all familiar with the music scene of McAllen, Texas, you are well aware of the Cine El Ray, a historic movie theater which is now one of the town's main venues for live music, comedy and film festivals. The Cine El Ray is the primary landmark of the 17th Street Entertainment District, a hub for live music and nightlife that has helped to put McAllen on the map as the main live music hub for the Rio Grande Valley area.

The people you see featured here all have the distinction of being professional audio engineers and/or music producers who received a state-of-the-art education from the Recording Connection Audio Institute of McAllen, TX. Each of these talented individuals was trained in actual McAllen area recording studios and mentored one-on-one by some of the most experienced producers and engineers in the industry. If you need professional audio services in the McAllen area, you can't go wrong by consulting the websites of these highly qualified professionals. lf you�d like to learn more about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute yourself, click here.

Latest Blog Entries from McAllen Recording Connection Students

Kevin Morales

Chapter 10Posted by Kevin Morales on 2016-11-25

Just finished chapter ten and I'm excited about being half way through this course. I'm working with pro tools now and i look forward to be getting extremely familiar with the commands and plugins... Read More >>

Joshua Garza

TODAY Posted by Joshua Garza on 2012-07-18

today was a great day in class learned a lot got hand on experince with protools, learned how to set up a studio, cant wait to see what we do tomorrow Read More >>