If you're into the art and culture scene in Portland, Maine, no doubt you're familiar with One Longfellow Square. While not the largest performance venue in town (it seats a mere 200 people), this downtown Portland venue is rapidly becoming a centerpiece for the music and arts scene, hosting a variety of local and touring acts, in genres ranging from jazz to blues to indie rock. One Longfellow Square is just one part of a burgeoning music scene in Portland, Maine.

Here on this page, you'll find information on a number of professional music producers and/or audio engineers who received top-shelf training as students of The Recording Connection Audio Institute of Portland, ME. Each of these qualified professionals was personally apprenticed by a seasoned audio professional in one of Portland's premiere recording studios. Please see their individual websites if you have need of their professional audio services, or if you are interested in knowing more of the benefits of attending the Recording Connection. For more information about Recording Connection Audio Institute, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Portland Recording Connection Students

Luke Tanner

Chapter 4 BlogPosted by Luke Tanner on 2016-11-17

I had no idea that there were this many cables and connectors involved in music. I know what most of them are so it won't be hard to rememeber them, but I can't believe how many there are... Read More >>

Luke Tanner

Chapter 3 BlogPosted by Luke Tanner on 2016-11-17

The thing that was cool about this chapter is that I actually knew a lot more about it than I thought. Back when I was about 8 until I was in high school, my broter used to be a DJ... Read More >>

Luke Tanner

Chapter 2 blogPosted by Luke Tanner on 2016-11-14

I learned a lot in this chapter that is going to prove to be super helpful to me. I'm cheap and don't like to overpay for things so knowing more about electricity and the actual explanations of wattage and voltage, will help when I'm doing work at home with wiring a new room or putting switches in... Read More >>