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Major: Audio Engineering

  Hi! My name is Crystal Bullis I\'m 20 years old and I am studying Audio Engineering. I first became interested in Audio Engineering last year when I went to a recording studio to record a song of my own. I\'ve recorded 2 songs one for my cousin and one for my mom. I used to play piano but I don\'t know enough where I can read it off a music sheet. I would love to get back into piano and learn guitar, I think both are beautiful instruments. When I recorded my music it was my lyrics and the beat I bought online. I\'m excited to hear instruments being recorded and to be working with my awesome mentors!!

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Crystal Bullis

Chapter 19 BlogPosted by Crystal Bullis on 2017-05-17

Chaper 19 was all about mastering which in the final step before duplication of a record. This is the final touches to make the song or album spot on and sound like the other songs on the album (relative loudness)... Read More >>