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Bo Burleson

M1 CompletionPosted by Bo Burleson on 2016-08-04

I have completed the first module in the program and so far it has been informative and fun as well. Looking forward to the next module a lot I have needed a refresher in some of the material I learned playing drums in Middle School Band which was quite a while ago when I really think about it! Also aside from the class, the last weekend July 29th and 30th I attended Bass Center 2016 in Commerce City Colorado it was the 12th and 13th live sets I have seen from Bassnectar not only is he easily my favorite producer he is an enormous inspiration in many other aspects of my life... Read More >>

Bo Burleson

Lessons 3 and 4Posted by Bo Burleson on 2016-07-16

I am very much enjoying the course it's just what I needed I feel to start progressing in the direction I want. My mentor Cole is very knowledgeable and we clicked right away and have very similar tastes in music and styles... Read More >>