Located along historic Route 66 in southwestern Missouri, the town of Springfield isn't often associated with the music industry in general--yet its contribution to music has been significant over the years. In the 1950s, Springfield hosted the nationally broadcast music show 'Ozark Jubilee,' drawing some of country's biggest acts to town to perform, and causing some to dub Springfield the 'crossroads of country music.' Today, Springfield's music legacy continues with an active music scene, with numerous bands and acts in a variety of genres playing in pubs and venues around town.

The individuals featured on this page are all top-shelf professional audio engineers and/or music producers who received their education at the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Springfield, MO. Every one of these professionals was mentored one-on-one by some of the best producer-engineers in the music industry, right here in some of Springfield's best recording studios. Take a look at the professional websites of these qualified audio professionals to discover more about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection, or if you are in need of the recording services they offer. For more information on the Recording Connection Audio Institute, click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Springfield Recording Connection Students

Matthew Mcfarland

First ChapterPosted by Matthew Mcfarland on 2017-10-31

So I actually learned a lot in the first chapter the e-book has some very interesting stuff in it and I really enjoyed reading about it and watching the videos as well as taking my time and honestly just having a great time doing it... Read More >>

Cayla Bankson

AutomationPosted by Cayla Bankson on 2017-03-20

In this lesson I learned about automation. It was interesting to learn the history of automation. Back in the day, engineers wern't able to save their work after they where done working in the studio for the day... Read More >>