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Where Will My Musical Journey Lead Me? Posted on 2014-01-29 by Kamela Singh

Date of Session: Wednesday, October 30, 2013
Time in: 1:00pm
Time out: 4:00pm
Lesson #: 20

List one or two paragraphs on what you learned, what did you do?

Wow can’t believe that we have come to an end with this course. Definitely a bittersweet moment, so happy to have been able to get all the opportunity that was presented during my time here at Trench Recordings, but so bitter that it can’t continue. However, my mentor Lionel has taught me quite a bit as an engineer and about the studio environment and how to go about getting the sounds that I want. I've been able to take away real life experiences from sitting-in in sessions and assisting. To me that is the most hands on experience you can get, as long as you put the gear in front of me, I can have that chance to play around and get familiar with it to the point where I absolutely understand what it is and what it does.

I am excited to see were my journey will continue - I am eager to get myself placed in a studio environment so that I can continue to utilize and enhance my skills. One thing that I definitely enjoyed about this whole experience was the people I got to meet. Whether it was other students, artists, musicians, engineers or producers, it's always amazing to see someone else work their craft so you too can take away and learn something from it.

Write down model numbers and manufacturers of equipment or gear you've worked on.

· Soundcraft Ghost

· Pro Tools HD

· Yamaha NS10 Studio Monitors with Bryston 2B

· Makie HR824 near field

What do you feel were your strengths and weaknesses on this week’s lesson?



  • Asking questions about anything I didn't understand
  • Wish my time here was longer
  • Asking for a reference for future careers
  • Being able to describe and explain certain concepts I was asked about (Signal Flow, Different type of EQ's, Mics)

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