Tyler TweedWinnepeg Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

Twenty Three year old Tyler Tweed, born in Winnipeg, MB, Canada has been passioante about music since a very young age. He spent a lot of time watching music videos & listening to the radio all the time as a kid. He even tried re writing lyrics to a Nelly song, taking out the cuss words and replacing them with others that still rhymed, when he was around 10 years old. Through the years he has continuted to love and be passionate about music and has recorded several of his own songs and also (attemted) to mix & master them, as well as doing the same thing for friends who also make music. Writing & recording since the age of 14, he has since taken a break from that side of music and dug into the technical side of things. He has tried teaching him self the tricks of the trade numerous times, and failed or found difficulty learing certain things without actually being in a studio. Which has brought him here, to The Recording Connection. With a ton of knowledge about music, an open mind and a strong ambition to succeed, he is no doubt on his way to becoming a successful Audio Engineer! Some of his idols in the field include TDE's Ali & Kanye West's guy Mike Dean, among many others. Regardless of what some people may think, the Winnipeg music scene is flourishing right now with new artists popping up left and right. There is plenty of work out there & Tyler is hoping he can be a part of raising the bar for the quality of music coming out of Winnipeg. Although, he would also be interested in re-locating, or accepting clients via the internet, from all over the world.


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