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Post-Production Begins Correctly! Posted on 2016-08-19 by Jonathan Pascone

The chapters of the text are progressively becoming more interesting as well as useful for common practice. I feel like I know my equiptment much better than I did just a few months ago. The anatomy and construction of all three mic types has really peaked my interest and I can already name many mistakes I have made prior to this knowledge. But on that same token, I feel so much more prepared for set. For example, something as simple as switching my shotgun mic from a flat response to a  shaped response becaue I had thought that the bent line sign was to be switched when operating boom. As silly as it may make me feel, its simple things like this I learn along the way that will really shape me as a post-production engineer.

I am currently working on an edit of behind the scense footage of my last set, "All Sales Are Made" featuring Kevin Brown from 30 Rock and Directed by Micah Khan. We have put it together due to some rogue shooting that seemed to peak some interest in the audience enough to contribute their votes and awarding us the Audience Award at The Albany International Film Festival. I do digress, however, and am so fortunate to have Engineer, Sean Evans be so helpful along the way. We currently are using this small project as a lesson template on Mastering in a Post-Production format in an organized and professional manner. I am of the utmost excited for our session tomorrow where I will be utilizing me new Izotope plugins which I have been dieing to use! The master is nearing completed and I plan on posting the edit on my blog.

As far as studio time goes, it seems that both myself and my collegues at The Recording Studio of Albany have been rather busy. Nevertheless, I look forward to time I will get to spend there and fully intend on being an information sponge as well as a helpful asset.

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