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Up & Running at Hyland Posted on 2016-09-24 by Jonathan Pascone

After a few weeks consisting of technical diffiulties and looking for a new mentor I have comfortably become well acclemated with both Ted, of Hyland Recording Studio and of course the studio itself. I am now in the process of reviewing the first eight chapters I had already  completed before starting at Hyland and I am more than impressed with how thorough and helpful my mentor has been. Similarly, we get along quite well and he encourages me to be an active part of the studio and even at some live sound gigs coming up. Ted and I seem to be very well rounded for eachother and he has a vast amount of knowlege I'm looking forward to absorbing. I couldn't be happier with where I am at and am really excited to really get my hands dirty.

On another note, I have been trying to adjust to the wide amount of features with Izotope Advanced RX 5 and although I am quite fascinated I am also quite confused on it multiple functions and applications of those functions. Sean, my advisor, has been incredibly helpful, its just a matter of trial and error, which is an awful lot of error to begin with. On a similar note, I am becoming more understanding of Protools and with that more comfortable in its many uses. It is a slow process but thankfully we live in an age of tutorial videos. The road ahead is in no way an easy one but I feel very well equipted and even more prepared to dive in and enhance my audio toolbox. Things are going quite swimmingly.

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