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Major: Audio Engineering & Music Production

Kayla Parker 

Kayla Parker was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama (youngest of four). Graduating High School and attended some College in Memphis, Tennessee studying Fine Art | Graphic Design. Soon after graduating High School in 2009 Kayla started pursuing her music career professionally. Appearing on multiple mix-tapes and hooks between 2010 to 2012 from cities all across America (Memphis Tennessee, New Jersey, Mobile Alabama, Huntsville Alabama, Atlanta Georgia etc.). Registering with ASCAP as a Singer Songwriter & Publisher. Kayla later took a small break after injuries from car wreck in St. Louis and the passing of her father. In order to heal her body back to health she was very eager to get back to her Music and Art. Soon after physical therapy and years of doctor visits Kayla was ready to get back to what she started. Atlanta Georgia suddenly became Kayla and her Family’s new place of residence as of Aug. 2015. Stating that with staying in a city such as Atlanta, Georgia I told myself that I have no excuse for not making my dreams come true. That in a city like this with so many professionals willing to help good and inspiring talent I have to give it my all..
With that in mind she decided to receive her certification and training for Audio Engineering with the Recording Connection to grow and further her career as a professional Artist & Singer Songwriter (ASCAP). She’s currently working on two joint projects of her own in hopes to collab and work with some of the top industry artist of today.


Studio of Apprenticeship/Mentoring: Twelve Music Group -Atlanta, Georgia 

KAYLA PARKER SKILLS & TRAINING:  Audio Engineering| Music Produciton| Visual Art| Performing Art| Singer Songwriter (ASCAP)| Graphic Design.

@KaylaParker256 | [email protected]

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