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Over the course of his life, Patrick Ryan aka "Sly Mooper" has always been highly influenced by the music that surrounded him. 

The journey first started when he first picked up a Guitar at the age of 10, eager to learn all the skills necesarry to become a talented musician. His teacher instantly labeled him as a prodigy, putting all of her extra time and energy into helping the development of this childs musical mind. Unfortunately, the pressure was too much at such a young age (And the pushes he got weren't enough to drive him forward) and Patrick decided to no longer pursue learning the Guitar, or any instrument for that matter, the overwhelming amount of talent that he possesses was holding him back from making music his reality. 

Ever since the fateful day Mr. Ryan quit playing the guitar, music has always found its way directly into his soul. Whether it was the music he was currently listening to and interested in, or watching his Uncle and Cousin do masterful work on Electric Guitars together, his fate was sealed. His ears couldn't get a way from the beauty that was melody and rythym, his mind couldn't wander away from the sounds he was hearing. 

Within the last year Patrick has been teaching himself how to be a DJ, mixing and recording freestyle on his Numark NS6. Slowly building and honing his skills while consistantly uploading mixes to his Soundcloud account, gaining support from Users much bigger than himself all throughout the way. Currently enrolled in the Radio, Recording and Film Connections recording curriculum, Patrick is hoping to hone his skills into the proper field of music and continue on his efforts to make a good name for himself. 

His persona "Sly Mooper" will be the backbone to all that he does and will do in the future, he wants his name to be spread and loved among whoever might enjoy what he has to offer. He is not looking for fame or glamour, or obscene amounts of money. All he wished to do is spread the love of music, connect with those around him while putting smiles on the ones he encounters. If he can make his living in this field, that is the "icing on the cake"!

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Patrick Ryan

A Completely New StartPosted by Patrick Ryan on 2013-04-30

Thursday, April 25th will mark the new start to my Recording Connection experience for serveral reason. First of all, I was unable to make it to the Studio for many weeks on end due to personal matters that really do not belong being posted all over the internet... Read More >>

Patrick Ryan

Day 1, Lesson 1Posted by Patrick Ryan on 2013-03-06

Monday February 5th was my first day of the Recording Connection course over at Miller Street Studios. This was a fairly slow day being as it was the first of many, it was very introductory, geared towards getting me comfortable in the studio environment... Read More >>