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David Willis

Friday the 13thPosted by David Willis on 2018-04-18

Sometimes I feel as if we people are so unaware of the histories behind the devices we use on a daily basis. I am also very glad I live in a day where we get things almost instantly... Read More >>

David Willis

TwelvePosted by David Willis on 2018-04-02

After reading and understanding this chapter I feel like the Avatar from the cartoon show. Balancing all tracks together and becoming a "mastering"... Read More >>

David Willis

Microphone Placemnt Posted by David Willis on 2017-12-12

So Chapter 6 was Microphone placement. There was definitely? a lot to learn on this one. I am glad to have experience with all of this knowledge from being in the studio and setting up mics for recording; so when I was reading all of this it was a good reminder... Read More >>