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Jason Alexander

Final EntryPosted by Jason Alexander on 2014-10-30

Tis with a heavy heart, and joyous pride that this shall be my final entry.  I have completed the course.  /swag Swag jokes aside, it was a hell of a ride, despite some bumps and being a bit accelerated... Read More >>

Jason Alexander

Day Sixteen-LetPosted by Jason Alexander on 2014-10-23

Ok, so this one was totally stoked for.  I finally figured out how to get my MIDI keyboard to work in PT and use the plugins and instruments with it!  My mentor even showed me a neat trick for converting the MIDI info into an audio clip!  How BOSS is that!?  So if I'm being honest here, it's at this point I kinda feel that I've gotten what I paid for... Read More >>

Jason Alexander

Day Fourteen-What the hell?Posted by Jason Alexander on 2014-10-23

Ok, so it felt like we went straight from "we're gonna start off easy with EQ" to "Here's the deep end, swim ya bastard!"  I can wrap my head around theoretical quantum physics and stuff, even studied it some in high school (despite infuriating my teachers because I didnt do the boring assignments)... Read More >>