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My name is Daniel Anthony Amaral. I am twenty years old and I live in Chino, CA. I got into the recording connection through an e-mail that my Dad had sent me telling me to check it out. Slowly, but surely, over the next few weeks I was able to get into the program. I am a drummer that has been drumming for over six years and I am self-taught at piano (I've been teaching myself for about two years now). I am a metal-head when it comes to drums, but I love to play other genres as well (When it comes to music, I tend not to limit my creative possibilities). I am in a Progressive Metal band known as Omnilarity and we are in the process of writing our first full-length album. My dream job is to either create music for films and televison (whether it's for a T.V. show or a commercial) for a living, or try to become a teacher at a high school that teaches about recording and producing music. That's about all I got for now, but I will update my bio as soon as I have more exciting things to share. 

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Daniel Amaral

Discussion Over Lesson 19Posted by Daniel Amaral on 2013-07-06

Lesson 19 went over Surrond Mixing. Thanks to Joey, I got a good understanding of exactly what Surrond Mixing is. The way that we mix music in general is with two monitor speakers, but Joey was telling me that when people do music and sound editing for the movies, he says that they mix and design the sound usually with Dolby Digital Surround Sound for effect... Read More >>