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Major: Audio Engineering

Hello Music World, My name is Ken Farmer and i am very excited about my future as a audio engineer. I'm a lover of music and i aspire to be better at creating and engineering music. I've been into making beats off and on for a few years now and i really wanna be better at my craft. I think the recording connection was the right choice for me and i'm looking forward to accomplishing great things while in this program and most definitely after completion. I hope to make new friends in the same business as me and i look forward working with them in the future. So lets make the magic happen and put our best foot forward to become one of the great engineers of our time. 

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Ken 2Real Farmer

Midi Midi Posted by Ken 2Real Farmer on 2016-11-04

The concept of midi is something I'm pretty familiar with from making beats in the past. Its essential because being able to edit drums and sounds in a mix may be necessary at any given moment... Read More >>