Sean SiroisMontreal Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

A young man with a love for warm emotional sounds that convey beauty. I've been mixing samples and piecing together all kinds of different sources of music to try to create something different and fresh. Hopefully after completing the Recording Connection curriculum I will have more technical knowledge and hands-on experience with the analog equipment. My belief is that nothing compares to the warmth and depth of Analog music, especially in this digital revolution. The future of music is coming back to it's Analog roots and I plan on being there when it does, with kick-ass gear and a wealth of knowledge! I hope to collaborate with as many talented musicians as possible and participate in the creation of soul-enriching music for all to enjoy.

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Sean Sirois

Blog#2 - Weeks 2-5 at \"The Sound Module\"Posted by Sean Sirois on 2014-09-17

I have not taken the time lately to keep up with the blog postings unfortunately, but here goes! In the past few weeks I have spent time alongside my mentor learning the ins and outs of signal flow and have really started getting a grasp on the fundamental concepts and aspects of audio engineering/recording... Read More >>