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Major: Audio Engineering

        Too many times I hear projects that weren't "for the music". It is our responsibility as artists, producers and engineers, as well as others, to breathe life into today's music. It's our responsibility to reach farther then ever before and create. The music is my first and most important concern, as I hope is yours. I am always trying to challenge myself, along as others around me, to next level; which is why I am glad to say I am an apprentice at Engine Room Audio under Mark Christensen for audio engineering. I am also proud to say I will receive by associates in Business and Administration by Dec. 21, 2014. 

     Born in Las Vegas, Nevada I recognizing my love for music at a early age, I began searching for outlets to release my musical desires. My siblings and I quickly formed a group, beginning my first introduction to the bass guitar. We took full advantage of being a garage band and persistently jammed out to a numerous amounts of rock classics from artists/groups such as Ozzy Osborne, Burning Silence, Pink Floyd and AC/DC. Thinking back it must of been comical because I couldn't of been older than 8 years old and could barley reach the first fret of bass guitar. The family band only expanded my love for music, so I searched for more avenues to invest my time in and pick up band in middle school as a percussionist. 

     Band opened my eyes to a greater musical world. Being involved with many other instrumentalists, at all talent levels, really sparked a fire that still burns today. Communication between like and unlike minds expanded my narrow thought of what music really was to me, at that time. Along with the assistance of our conductor, Wilbur Wittemann, who gave me great knowledge and advanced my skill level. Mr. Wittemann also taught me how to read sheet music along with many other aspects that come with being in a band (equipment set up, tuning process, scales, sight reading, etc.). We took part in county and shore competitions that gave us great respect. I personally feel that if you are in the music industry, you should be familiar with the overall knowledge band prepares you for. 

     After my band experience I soon picked up a new program at my high school for music production titled "Recording Arts". Lucky for me only three schools in the shore offered this program, which was a direction changer for me; this was my introduction to the recording world. I participated in projects such as public service announcements, mother day projects, competitions, and personals that challenged my previously learned skills as well as developed recording techniques and troubleshooting. The course also showed me the basics of multiple DAW systems, such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and Garage Band and I never turned back!

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