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Darren Fewins

Week 9Posted by Darren Fewins on 2016-08-18

This week my textbook took me through recording vocals both lead and background. Some important things to note their as vocals are usually the main focus in a song... Read More >>

Darren Fewins

Blog 3Posted by Darren Fewins on 2016-07-19

Ok, so I haven't written a blog in a while. I've been busy sinking my teeth into everything I can. Since my last post I have started my first project which is a concept that Advanced Audio students get to embrace... Read More >>

Darren Fewins

Week 1Posted by Darren Fewins on 2016-05-14

    So, First week of the recording connection started this week. Working under the guidance of Mark Christensen (among others) at Engine Room Audio, Downtown Manhattan... Read More >>