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Taylor Reese

Session #1 MattPosted by Taylor Reese on 2013-10-20

Yesterday at the studio was so awesome! I brought my friend Matt in, and we recorded guitar and vocals. My mentor Joey was in the control room helping me with the process and using the mixer for the first thirty minutes of the session, and then the next hour and a half, I did everything myself, and worked with Matt, while Joey was out in another room doing other things... Read More >>

Taylor Reese

Video Shoot.Posted by Taylor Reese on 2011-04-02

I went to the studio to watch a video shoot of a band that was amazing. They had a wild and energetic man on the electric piano, a shy man on the drums, who could jam like no other, and the three main singers were two women and a man... Read More >>

Taylor Reese

Recorded Vocalist.Posted by Taylor Reese on 2011-03-30

Today I went to my apprenticeship with Joey Heier at Crystal Clear Studios, and I got to watch Joey record a vocalist in ProTools, as well as understanding how to bring in the beat made from Reason into ProTools... Read More >>