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Major: Ableton

Hey! I love producing chillout with a futurbassy spin, I try to be unique as possible with my tracks, but I like my tracks to be somewhat simple. If you ever want to collab hit me up!


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Colton Pocock

Update 11/15/17Posted by Colton Pocock on 2017-11-16

So its been a little while and sence then me and my tutor have been focusing on mixing. I have downloaded Nuetron 2 and Ozone 8, I dont plan on using Ozone 8 too much but it came in a bundle deal so why not? We have been taking a look at eqing and compression and how to balance your mix... Read More >>

Colton Pocock

Star date: 8/24/17Posted by Colton Pocock on 2017-08-24

Hey there! Its been a minute but I've been busy working on my music and just having a daily life. Me and my tutor have meet up multiple times since my last blog and we are focusing on what I want to learn... Read More >>