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Shay Wachs

Moving right alongPosted by Shay Wachs on 2016-10-25

Last day in at the studio gave me a chance to further assist with mic's, cables, and such.  The best part was getting to be more hands on with ProTools and listening while my mentor used the aforementioned to do mix work... Read More >>

Shay Wachs

Studio Day of the week!Posted by Shay Wachs on 2016-10-13

I wasn't feeling very well at my assigned day at DF studios so I had to leave early; however, on Saturday night I recorded my first paid session on reel to reel - tres retro!  Picture is of the SONY 2 inch 24 track I used... Read More >>

Shay Wachs

Week 3Posted by Shay Wachs on 2016-09-29

This day in the studio I got to print stems from multi track work.  This was a little overwhelming from a ProTool GUI novice standpoint, but made every bit of sense... Read More >>