QUESTION: What do T-Pain, Creed, Rita Coolidge and Mayday Parade all share in common? ANSWER: All of them have roots in Tallahassee, Florida.

Tallahassee is more than just the state capital of Florida--it is also one of the most significant college towns in the state, home to numerous major colleges and universities. Consequently, it also nurtures an active music scene. One venue of note is Club Downunder, a student-run venue on the campus of Florida State University that regularly hosts local and touring acts.

Here on this site you will find a group of professional audio engineers and music producers who all have the distinction of receiving a top-shelf education from the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Tallahassee. Each of them was trained one-on-one by some of the best producer/engineers in the business inside some of the finest recording studios in Tallahassee. Please consult their individual websites to learn more about the professional audio services they offer, or to gain more insight about the benefits of attending Recording Connection.

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Wajira Amarakoon

Chapter 01 - Journey BeginsPosted by Wajira Amarakoon on 2018-02-19

For many years it has been my dream to get involved in music from the perspective of an Audio Engineer. Being on stage with friends and playing the music that inspired us has been the most satisfying feeling in my life, yet I couldn't help but wonder about the chair which made everything we created heard to the world... Read More >>