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My name is Tate Walter and music has always been a big part of my life. When i was about 8 years old i went to my first concert which was to go see the one and only Carlos Santana. After that amazing concert i was instantly hooked into the music life. Shortly after i approached my dad and asked if i could take guitar lessons. Just like anything else, starting off wasn't as exciting as i hoped it would be. I had to learn all the fundamentals of music which i now realize how important it was to my musical journey. I actually quit after 2 years of lessons and began teaching myself. I regretfully started off with teaching myelf tabs from the computer. After about a year of working off of tabs, i realized how benefical learning theory would be. After a little bit of time i was teaching myself chords and how to build them from major to minor. At that point i wasn't concerned with 7ths, augmented, or diminished  chords infact i didn't really know anthing about those at that time. I eventually became involved in my high school jazz band where i played both tenor sax, and the guitar. That class plus my high school theory class really helped me furthur understand theory. From the guitar i taught myself bass, and piano. I remember someone once showed me what all the white keys on the piano were and based off my knowlege of music theory, i was able to get a better understanding of the piano and building chords in general. I also have always had a passion for drums although i never owned m own set. Being in and out of bands since i was 10 allowed me to have access to drums most days. I generally practice on make shift sets using pens or what ever i could get my hands on. Singing came later in my journey. Although i always loved to sing, it was never really a focus until about my freshman year of high school. I ended up taking guitar lessons again which later turned into singing lessons. I taught myself after awhile to harmonize from listening to the radio and writing my own songs. At first i had to build the harmony on the piano and get the tone in head. I later developed an ear for it and can now do it on command. Acapella choir helped me out as well. I didn't start recording til about sophmore year of high school. All i had was my computer, a $10 computer mic, and a free software called audacity. It worked for me at that time. I actually did a lot of songs using that software and got a better idea of what sounded good in certain rooms, or what effects i needed to add in order to give the song that extra umph. I would record all the instruments myself, guitar, bass, piano, vocals, and occasionally drums. Every now and then i had a friend sit in and throw their 2 cents in. I love working with other people because their opinion would always get me thinking in a new direction. I have never had any good recording equipment, but i used what i had to the fullest. I've been to multiple studios and would observe them even though i was apart of what they were recording. I learned both what to do, and what not to do. I saw how dubing a voice twice, one with vibrato and one without, can really add a lot to the quality of the song. As well as too many effects can ruin a song. I've been in both professional studios and semi professional studios and i can tell the difference quite easily. I look forward to getting a better understanding of the whole business and how everything fully works. This has always been my passion and i feel blessed just to have an opportunity to get involved. I encourage any and all feedback or advice.

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