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Major: Audio Engineering

Hello!! My name is Nate, and my passion is music! When I was a teenager I bought my first guitar and started taking private lessons and right away I knew I wanted more, to learn guitar, then to expand to other instruments or other musical pursuits. I got along extremely well with my teacher, Rob Rolston, who is one of those special people we all have in our lives that were partially resposible for getting us where we are today. I eventually bought my second guitar, a 12 string, and then took some time away from music. 

When I decided to start working on music again about four years ago, I had no idea how exciting, fun and fulfilling my experiences would be. It was passion on a whole new level! I started learning keyboard, acquired more guitars, wrote some music and just let loose. A year after getting back into music, I purchased a 4 channel audio interface for recording. My very good friend Steve had quite a lot of experience with FL Studio, and introduced me to the software and I started getting into it and really couldn\'t get enough!

I was amazed at what was possible as far as editing a recorded sample or song. As an artist obviously I love to be creative, and I saw endless opportunities to create, whether it be a subtle sound effect at a specific time within a song, or whether it be adding ten effects to an already existing compilation. I did not know what every effect or digital knob did, I did not know how to utilize all of the tools within the software. But I sure knew one thing: I wanted to learn! So I learned what I could on my own at home in between working and other responsibilities. One day a couple of years ago it hit me: what about audio engineering? What is it all about, and how do you pursue it as a career?

I will be honest. I was disheartened at first. I noticed how expensive education was for this profession. I also wondered how one could get a job after graduation. While I may very well had been able to acquire a bank loan, I did not really want to go that route. While surfing around on the net, I norticed a link for Recording Connection. I checked out the website and thought it too good to be true. Not only affordable, but more importantly one could be trained one on one in an actual studio by an active professional! I was stoked, and the more I checked into the program for audio engineering, the more I liked. Soon enough I decided I was going to save up and see if I would be able to enroll. Fortunately my projections worked out and I gave Recording Connection a call. 

Everyone I spoke with was very professional, and clearly knew what they were talking about. I was fortunate to be offered the opportunity to enroll. So here I am! I can\'t wait! I have already met my mentor, Lionel Pedro (Trench Recordings, Toronto, ON.) and had such a great time talking with Lionel and picking his brain a bit during my initial interview. I had never been inside a real recording studio before, wow I am impressed! I realize I have a lot of work ahead, a lot to learn, including Pro Tools. But I am more than ready for this challenge! After all, music is my passion and I am a hard worker, always eager to learn, and always am mindful to be professional at all times. I am looking forward to becoming an audio engineer! This opportunity is truly a dream come true in and of itself, and I have a lot more to accomplish! 

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