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Major: Audio Engineering


I am a versatile, energetic Production Technician who has been working in Television Production for over 15 years. Learning all aspects of the production process, and can wear many hats in a typical work day.

After graduating from George Mason University '97, I took an internship at a local production company where I started out assisting a marketing executive in identifying and driving in business. When time permitted I rotated through other departments within the company like graphics, along with compression and duplication where I assisted on big projects where deadlines were short and fast. I was also able to "cut my teeth" on alot of gear used in the field and in-house.

As a versatile Production Technician who wears many hats, I’ve used SONY and PANASONIC cameras to shoot everything from sporting events, documentaries, PSA’s, and news conferences. I have experience setting up video signal specifications, able to read scope, time-code and I have knowledge of BetaSp, XDCAM, DVCAM, DVCPro, SxS and P2 card technology. Also, I’m responsible for a multitude of pre and post production duties including, teleprompting, producing 30 sec spots, assisting editors with edits, and media management. For special projects I make audio (XLR/RCA), video (BNC), and CAT-5 cables to meet client needs. I currently have an apprenticeship in audio engineering working on movie post production audio and mixing songs using various Pro-Tools applications.                                                                                                                          

I also have my own company as a freelancing Production Technician which encompasses many jobs in a typical work day. In the past 15 years I can honestly say that every day is different and that makes my job so enjoyable.







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Robert Wiley

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Robert Wiley

2/26/14 - part 2Posted by Robert Wiley on 2014-02-27

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