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SO CLOSE! Posted on 2017-07-24 by Michael Brown

I've come a long way so far, but it feels like I still have a ways to go. I 've gained more knowledge than ever before, I've made lasting relationships with industry professionals(bad ass musicians) and I have a better idea of how to start and completely finish a project. The last one was probably the biggest, I usually get bored pretty quick which has me statrting new projects before completing the last. I'm more organize and leave myself notes for these unfinished projects. This helps me reference back to the project and know what exactly needs to be finished or worked on. This has been a rough, pleasurable journey and I can only see things moving toward positive results if I can keep this zen like focus on what I need to do in order to accomplish the goals I have set for myself. I've been mixing a lot of my own stuff trying to get a porfolio of my stuff together and its been some of my best material. Super excited to put out but super leary about putting out until it is perfect! Oh yweah, thats another thing, I've grown better at letting go of my material because I would probably not release anything because of my perfectionist/procrastination! (makes perfect sense if you suffer from this ailment). Very eager to start working for others and earn a living doing what I love and still eager everyday to learn! LEARN ON! 2 more chapters to go! Chapter 18 was rough getting through and it feels like the mastering chapter is gonna be a doosie! SO CLOSE YET SO FAR!

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