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One step closer...... Posted on 2017-09-03 by Michael Brown

I was very skeptical at first about this program but it was probably the best decision I've made as to pursuing my proffessional music career. I have always been reluctant to dive in head first for soo many fearful reasons but that fear I have molded into a motivator. I've challenged myself to be in more uncomfortable situations and that has helped with my artistry in so many ways. Music to me is freedom to be yourself, it heals, brings people together that normally would not, it's the driving force of my life and for a period of time I was lost without it. After seprating my wife, I dove into a deep depression and music was the only thing that kept me going physically and spiritually. I picked up the guitar again and became more discipline, the more pain I felt in my fingers the better I felt, like it helped numb the depressive state I was in. I also quit my carrrer as a retail store manager for a company I had been with for 13 years!!!! Whoa! I'm sure many thought I was having a mental breakdown or some kind of mid life crisis but truthfully I was very unhappy with my life's situations and needed a change. So I alwasys talked about going back and getting educated more on the ends and outs of studio life and the music industry as a whole. Seraching for options everything seemed so expensive and unattainable until I saw this program. To good to be true I pursued to the fullest and landed at one of the best studios in town with an awesome mentor. The first day I met my mentor reassured that this was the right move, we clicked instantly! Mr. Jim Fox has guided me down this rabbit hole to a cornicopia of knowledge and understanding, and I got to meet some real dope musicians, singer/songwriters who I have become friends and a fan of. Now time to dive even further with this knowledge I've attained and market myself to thhe fuillest. Next move, I recently got a chance to play a show for a showcase my little brother put together, unfortunately it did not turn out well. But while there we got some dope photos and shot a music video on my cell phone to which he is editing as we speak. nThe fueatured song is MY PAST, a labor of love and the first time I've felt truely comfrotable singing on a song,I will be using this song and video as an advertising tool to showcase my skills and hopefully create some business from it! I've been holding on to some potent stuff I think and everyone I p[lay it for seems to think so as well. The wait is finally over and I'm about to hit with the heeee!!! Stay true and honest with yourself, it's the only way to create good music, MIKE BROWN out!!!!

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