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Master of none...... Posted on 2017-08-23 by Michael Brown

Chapter 19, here I am. I've watched youtube videos on such and ir seemed fairly easy to me what I was witnessed to. But I have been told more than once from my mentor that it is not and the further I dove into this chapter the more revealing it became. The last step, the final touch, the polish on top of the polish, or some would say "making it louder". I've learned a lot about  the frequency spectrum and what not to get to this point and it seems to be a lot further to go if I wanted to really dive into mastering. I tried one of the mastering techniques shown in chapter 19 but it came out to low, I will have to keep dabbling with to get a better handle on but all through the chapter it explains that you will not get the professional qaulity mastering found in a studio with nothing but the finest tools for said mastering.(bummer) Anyway my last session at low tide was pretty low key, low pressure, highly informative sessh, an artist by the name of Hunter was wrapping up some vocals on an acoustic track he and my mentor had laid earlier. Very sweet and melodic and turned super powerful when Jim added strings in the background with a very tasteful amount of lows that carried the song even further. Hunter continued to impress with his vocals that he laid effortlessly, this kid had one sweet vibrato and was hitting notes most could not. He played me some early recordings of when he was in a hard rock screamo band and I understood the power in his voice more and how it came to be. After wrapping up the session me and Jim went over chapter 19 test and my eyes were open even more but he helped a tremendous amount in understanding and not feeling to overwhelmed with all this new found knowledge. It feels like I'm going for my bachelors and I have to go to graduate school to get my masters in mastering! Any hoo, this program has gotten me this far but I plan on going a lot further, I understand its up to me to be successful in this industry and it takes time and patience , I've got all the time and patience in the world when it comes to music and this is the first huge step toward my goal........stay tuned!

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