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It's the Final Countdown! Posted on 2017-08-02 by Michael Brown

So, I pride myself on my punctuality and my mentor is a busy person so when I do get time in the studio I appreciate every second. I am normally early to the sessions but this time not so much. Decided to take a nap before but forgot to set my alarm!(oh no!), so I was about an hour late to the session!!!! Not a good way to start a sess but I apologized to Jim and we kept it moving with the lesson plan. We went over Chapter 18 Quiz(which was a beast!) and covered some ultra important material that kind of went over some material found in the beginnning of the course which was cool because I needed a refresher on some things. Let's just say after this chapter I took in to consideration thee way my own home studio was set up and made some minor modifications so my mixes could translate a little better, now I have so much more space for activities!!!!! LOL! With this new found space I was inspired and wrote a song called "Time" which I let my mentor listen to while waiting on Saxx. This is some of my best work and I defintely patted myself on the back several times after making. Jim gave me that look you give when you hear something for the first time and your mind starts to race thinking of the possibilities of said song and the impact it may have on the public. (this was the look I needed!) So when Saxx arrived for his session I was on a musical high and I was eager to hear what he was working on. Saxx laid down two awesome tracks which on the first due to a non charging cell phone he could not finish that night but effortlessly laid down the second track with some lyrical complexity that I've never heard from him before, twas diggady dope!! While Jim was mixing the song I was asked to shoot some behind the scenes footage of the session with this crazy camera setup Saxx had with a grikp and the whole nine, I was very honored to do so. After chopping it up for a bit and many photo ops later Saxx inquired about my own music and was interested onto listening to . I played a couple of songs and the dap I recieved after was the validation I needed that I was on the right track with my music, can't wait to share wwith the world!!!!!Till next session, HOLLA!!!!

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