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Derek Bradford

mix session Posted by Derek Bradford on 2018-03-29

This week we worked as a group on a mix. We focused on organization and asking "why" we use a plugin on certain tracks instead of just using one because "thats what your supposed to do" we also experimented with checking the mix in mono... Read More >>

Derek Bradford

Micing the drum kit Posted by Derek Bradford on 2018-03-08

This week I was able to attend my second drum tracking session. The benefit of this session was that I was able to pick the brain of the engineer and see their thought process on why they chose certain mics and mic placement... Read More >>

Derek Bradford

Compression Posted by Derek Bradford on 2018-01-25

  This week the topic was how to propperly use Compression when tracking voclals. Using the Disterssor compressor in conjunction with the Avalon mic pre amp to get a desired warm vocals Balancing the signal between the Avalon & Distessor to prevent  unwanted nosie Capture the best recording possible  using compression to protect the integrety of the performance propperly gain staging before regording to prevent any distortion and clipping  adjuting the attack and release so the vocals do not sound overly compresed  Read More >>