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Hunter Rick

Pro Tools Basics (Lesson 9)Posted by Hunter Rick on 2018-03-15

Today David went over the fundamentals of Protools with me. He showed me multiple hotkeys to quickly get things done. Things like preset windows you can recall at any time with the number keys, and how to quickly select any tool you need on the fly... Read More >>

Hunter Rick

Intro to Protools (Lesson 8)Posted by Hunter Rick on 2018-02-12

This lesson marked the first lesson I had with my new mentor David Hughes of Shine On Studios. We covered the importance of getting a good recording before even beginning a mix, the social aspect of the business, and the basics of protools... Read More >>

Hunter Rick

Digital Audio (Lesson 3)Posted by Hunter Rick on 2017-11-09

Today my mentor went over digital audio and the technical aspects behind it.  He mentioned how: Sample Rate - is the amount of samples taken of a sound within a single second to increase the accuracy of the sounds replication in a digital format... Read More >>