While the state capital of Kansas might seem an unlikely place for music industry connections, the fact is that Topeka, KS is home to an active music scene with bands and artists playing regularly in venues throughout the area. Of particular note is Topeka's diverse underground scene, which embraces hip-hop, punk, metal and other alternative genres. Topeka has also spawned some remarkably talented musical artists over the years, including fingerstyle guitarist Andy McKee, and even more famously, the classic rock band Kansas.

Among the remarkable talent in Topeka are the people on this page--professional audio engineers and/or music producers who have received state-of-the-art training from Recording Connection Audio Institute. All of these individuals have been trained one-on-one by some of the top producers and engineers in the business, all within Topeka recording studios. We invite you to visit the professional websites of these talented people if you ever require top-shelf audio engineering or music production services, or if you are interested in knowing more about the benefits of attending Recording Connection yourself.

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Latest Blog Entries from Topeka Recording Connection Students

Jordan Blankenship

Chapter 5 BlogPosted by Jordan Blankenship on 2015-06-15

I never quite understood the difference between microphones and what some were used for more then others. Randy helped to show me that dynamic mic's were used for different things than condenser or ribbon mics; and so on and so forth for the others... Read More >>

Jordan Blankenship

Chapter 3 Blog Posted by Jordan Blankenship on 2015-06-15

Chapter 3 was very important and the first step in getting into the recording and saving of digital recordings. I never took the time to differentiate between the types of files, and how to save those files, or how much space recording would take up... Read More >>