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Michael Osgood

April 27th 2015Posted by Michael Osgood on 2015-04-27

Its a new day, Tomorrow i work on my final mixdown. I am extremely nervous but at the same time i feel as thou there is nothing to worry about as long as i have god on my side, obstacles will disappear... Read More >>

Michael Osgood

THE DAY ONEPosted by Michael Osgood on 2014-04-23

Given the circumstances I had to do lesson one through five with a student advisor. This was an interesting first lesson review, we went over the basics of the human ear and human hearing range... Read More >>

Michael Osgood

Day OnePosted by Michael Osgood on 2014-01-07

Online session with a student advisor, We discussed the inner workings of the ear and how sound is perceived, the different frequencies of the average listener which is 20Hz to 20,000 Hz ... Read More >>