istorically speaking, St. Louis, Missouri is known as the 'Gateway to the West,' the origin of the 'western expansion' commemorated by its famous Gateway Arch. Musically speaking, St. Louis has a legacy all its own as a historic hotspot for blues and jazz. Not only has this town been home to such legends as Scott Joplin, Miles Davis and Chuck Berry, but it has also been linked to a diverse array of modern talent as well, including Sheryl Crow, Akon and Nelly, among others.

Featured on this page are a number of professional audio engineers and/or music producers, all of whom received a state-of-the-art education as students of The Recording Connection Audio Institute in St. Louis, MO. Each of these talented individuals was trained in St. Louis recording studios by some of the best producers and engineers in the industry, and each is highly qualified to handle your professional audio needs. Please consult their professional websites for more information about the services they offer. For more information on the benefits of attending The Recording Connection, please click here.

Latest Blog Entries from St. Louis Recording Connection Students

Margaret Cantwell

Session 14Posted by Margaret Cantwell on 2018-10-26

Chapter 14 was on Dynamic Signal Processing and Ranges, a topic that my new mentor Terence was enthusiastic about. Using Pro Tools tracks previously recorded, he demonstrated the different processors and limiters, and showed me both the physical compressors and digital ones and how they can be used... Read More >>

Margaret Cantwell

Session 13Posted by Margaret Cantwell on 2018-10-23

Session 13 was about equalization, which more or less is about how loud a sound can be. In some cases, a bass sound might be louder than say, the guitar part, you equalize it, make the guitar sound louder so that it is not drowned out and vice versa... Read More >>