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Jacob Windsor

RRC Education Week 19 (9/31 - 10/7)Posted by Jacob Windsor on 2018-10-07

This has been my Semi-Final week of my RRC Program besides the final exam week! The chapter this week was on mastering but I don't think I got much out of this chapter, mostly because the past four weeks combined was also all apart of the mastering process and this week was more about the final touches that I already had great knowledge about... Read More >>

Jacob Windsor

RRC Education Week 11 (8/6 - 8/12)Posted by Jacob Windsor on 2018-08-12

This midterm week came and went as smoothly as I had hoped. I began the week with studio time on Monday, but when I got there apparently I wasn't actually on the schedule so instead of going all the way back home I was offered to sit in with an audio engineer named Gabe to watch and learn his music making process... Read More >>